The Final Tribute



(My dad on the right) As someone who often hides from the rest of the world, this is probably the most personal and difficult thing I’ve ever had to share. The video below is me performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at my fathers funeral. You know that feeling you get when you see in someones eyes […]

Cardboard Skies Debuts at #18 on iTunes New Rock Releases Chart + Featured on Tunecore Blog

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I just thought I’d tune in to let you guys know that because of all your support my brand new single, Cardboard Skies, has just reached number #18 of the iTunes New Rock Releases Chart for the US and has even been featured on Tunecore’s ‘New Music Tuesdays’ blog. Please keep spreading the love and […]

Part 2 – Resurrecting The Ghost

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Note: This is a Two-Part Blog. If you haven’t read Part One yet, I’d suggest going back. To go to Part One, click here. Part 2 Following a few months of heavy contemplation and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to email Theo Crous from The Springbok Nude Girls for some advice. I had never […]

Part 1 – Head Down… Tits Up!

Jean Morrison

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Ever heard the expression, one step forward and two steps back? Or have you ever been in a dream where you keep trying to run away from something but no matter how hard you try, you keep moving backwards? As most of you probably know by now, I began working on my first ever full […]

Songwriting And The Beast

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I have begun the songwriting process again after touring various parts of South Africa over the last three years. Its still early days, but long nights. I have been experimenting with various riffs and melodies until the early hours of quite a few mornings. Lets hope this means an album will be in the works […]

Now And Then Playlisted On OFM (Free State)

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Don’t you love surprises? Depends on the situation right? It turns out ‘Now and Then’ has been enjoying some lovely rotation time on O FM (Free State’s premiere radio station) over the past 18 months and I had no idea. How did I find out? A friend of my mom’s kept texting her, to the […]

Chaos Theory Included in SL Magazine Compilation CD – March 2010

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My second single, ‘Chaos Theory’ has been included in this month’s SL Magazine compilation CD. Every month SL Magazine release a compilation CD showcasing local and international songs alongside their monthly magazine. SL stands for Student Life and the magazine targets ‘young, rebellious and fresh’ students around the country and focuses on new films, music […]

Morrison To Join SA Rockers Stealing Love Jones On Their Nationwide Tour

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I am really excited to announce that I will be touring with SA punk rockers Stealing Love Jones on their nationwide tour as their official support act. This will be the first time I will be ‘on the road’ in the true sense of the word touring the country playing music. This is the life […]

The Day I Played To 300 000 People

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I recently opened for 3x SAMA nominee Josie Field at Snap Wine Bar. The place was packed, buzzing and full of excitement. We couldn’t fit any more people into the venue if we tried. But something just wasn’t right. As I started playing my first song, the somewhat debaucherous crowd quietened down to a whisper. […]

Debut Single Now & Then playlisted on East Coast Radio

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I’m really excited to announce that my debut single has officially been playlisted on KZN’s biggest radio station, East Coast Radio. It will premiere on Jane Linley’s show tomorrow night between 6pm and 7pm and I will have a chat with Jane to discuss the song and some other exciting news. If you like the […]

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