Chaos Theory (Radio Edit) Out Now

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Jean Morrison has just released a revived radio-edit version of his single “Chaos Theory”. The song was recently remastered by John Davis (Led Zeppelin Remastering Engineer) and previously produced by iconic guitarist Dave Birch (guitarist on the original 1979 smash hit, “Video Killed The Radio Star”) in 2007. Birch also mixed, engineered and added some grit to the track with his signature Les Paul tones.

“Neo-Acoustic Romanticised Ballroom Rock” is how Jean describes the genre of “Chaos Theory”. It inspires a blend of old and new with how the classical waltz time signature props up the crisp vocals for the first half, then builds into a cinematic and more abrasive second chorus. This is then stopped dead in its tracks by a half timed middle eight section that aptly seems to paint the symmetrical shape of a butterfly’s wings in your mind.

So why is Jean re-releasing this single now? He responded “The song is about how one decision, even the smallest one, can lead to a chain of events that could ultimately change the course of our lives and the planet forever, also known as The Butterfly Effect.” He goes on to say: “It’s the flutter of a butterfly’s wings that turns into the tsunami. It’s that passing thought that leads to a revelation in technology that changes how we live the rest of our lives. On the flip side, we’ve seen this very concept play out through the course of 2020/21. Recently, I’ve experienced paralysing regret with things I could and should have done to prevent the death of my father two years ago. So for me, Chaos Theory has been a massive part of my life lately and I feel as though I now have a responsibility to spread the hyperconsciousness of this phenomenon. This way we will know how real and powerful it is in all of our lives. Sure, there are things we just cannot control but if we’re just a little more aware about the things we do in our daily lives and the chain of events that everything from a single thought or feeling to a decision like not calling your father just a few days before he has a fatal heart attack and the impact that these seemingly tiny decisions at the time can have on the rest of your life. So my tiny passing thought was — Maybe by re-releasing Chaos Theory, I can start my own little flutter that can potentially lead to a whole swarm of flutters, that’ll then create ripples that could ultimately lead to a typhoon of positive change half way round the world — you just never know”.

The self-reflective single “Chaos Theory” by Jean Morrison is now available on all streaming platforms. Click here for your preferred streaming service.

Posted on: 30 October 2021

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