EP Launch Set For Dockyard Theatre

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Jean Morrison to appear with new band at Dockyard Theatre for CD launch.

The evening promises to be a success as Jean Morrison and band will be accompanied by some of South Africa’s top musicians, namely Esjay from Stealing Love Jones, legendary guitarist Nibs van der Spuy and orchestral violinist Ant Cawthorn Blazeby (former Landscape Prayers). Jean describes his music as “neo acoustic romanticized ballroom rock”

Jeans debut CD FAWE (*Fire, *Air, *Water, *Earth) was recorded and produced by Dave Birch at Tropical Sweat Studios. Dave has also produced the albums of The Parlotones, The Finkelsteins, Evolver, Perez and Sitter to name a few. Over the past two years Jean has been seen at various popular venues around Durban often alongside names such as Farryl Purkiss, Esjay and Squeal. Jean recently spent some time in January performing in a club in the Italian Alps where he was welcomed with open arms.

When asked why the CD was entitled FAWE, Jean responded: “I decided to use the four elements – fire, air, water and earth as a play on words, so when pronounced it sounds like the number four. This number is significant to me as I was born on the 22/04/1984. This EP also possesses the main characteristic behind each element, as water is pure, fire has passion, air has an energy and earth has solidity. The songs I write are based upon these four characteristics”.

Now and Then is the first single off the CD and is set to hit most radio stations nationwide. Jean’s CD will also be available at ‘Rythmic Beat’ and ‘Look and Listen’ stores nationwide later this month.

Join Jean Morrison, band and guests for the biggest CD Launch of the year at The Dockyard Supper Theatre on August 19 at 19h00. For reservations and information call 031 201 9147. The Dockyard Supper Theatre located at 115 Musgrave Road, Durban. Tickets are R30 and are available at any Idols clothing store (Musgrave centre and Pavilion).

Posted on: 11 August 2008

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