Morrison Releases First Single In Almost Seven Years

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Jean Morrison has released his first single in almost seven years. His highly awaited single was aimed for release around mid 2013 but due to financial strains and various third party reliance, he was unable to release it sooner. Nevertheless it has finally arrived with a music video to support it. The song is called Cardboard Skies and at this stage will be a stand alone single while Jean finishes off his debut album with Dave Birch. The song has somewhat of a dirty swagger with a touch of crude sax underpinning Jean’s abstract yet intriguing lyrics. It is one of those classic glam rock songs that’ll definitely get the feet tapping with the catchy chorus “Cardboard skies and luminous lies” bouncing along to that melodic groove. When we asked Jean how the song came to life, he responded “ I wrote the song back when I was living in Cape Town in 2010. I was fortunate enough to be living in a one bed apartment on the 2nd floor with beautiful sea views of Camps Bay. If there was ever an inspirational place to be, this was it. Literally every evening the sunset over the ocean would be like a Monet painting. They were so beautiful, I kept questioning if they were real or if they were just cardboard skies and I was in the middle of a Truman show like world. Every evening, it was just me, my guitar and a glass of Shiraz. I miss those days actually.”


Posted on: 15 January 2015

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