Jean Morrison Goes Solo

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After years of performing in various bands in and around Durban, Jean has decided to leave band ‘Dr Fox’ after he had been frontman and lead vocalist for Durban rockers for almost two years. Dr Fox has opened for Squeal and Starplayer to name a few and have been around even before Morrison joined the band in 2004, performing at major music festivals around South Africa. Their most recent show being a private house concert at Jean Morrison’s 21st birthday celebration where Five FM chart topping band Airship Orange also performed.

Even with the relative success and the new million rand professional recording studio setup at guitarist Rod Nichols home, Jean has decided to call it a day with the veteran Durban band. When asked why he decided to call it quits, he responded “While the guys have been really good to me and took me in with open arms, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately and really feel an itch to start recording these songs in my own creative element. I’ve got to go with my gut on this one. I’m going to miss those guys”

Here’s to the road ahead for Jean Morrison..


Posted on: 22 August 2005

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