Songwriting And The Beast

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I have begun the songwriting process again after touring various parts of South Africa over the last three years. Its still early days, but long nights.

I have been experimenting with various riffs and melodies until the early hours of quite a few mornings. Lets hope this means an album will be in the works soon. Right now, I’m living in a quaint apartment in Johannesburg, mostly writing indoors in my own little isolated cocoon. Whenever I’m living in a big city, this always seems to work best for me, creatively anyway. Ideally though, the open vastness of the outdoors is the best environment for me to create, away from people and the mania of city life but thats not always possible. Maybe thats just because songwriting is an extremely personal process for me. Its both the birth and death of something powerful that needs to escape me.

It’s June 2011 and I’ve just completed one of my proudest songs to date, its an acoustic ballad called ‘Synaesthesia’.

In a way, this song is a tribute to the songwriting process itself with the agonising tastes and colour’s that chaotically seem to envelope my brain when I hear certain timbres and melodies in my head or even when listening to my favourite music. It can be an emotionally overwhelming experience and so the isolation makes it easier to deal with. I find my best songs are born this way and thats all that matters right? So here’s to keeping that old coffee pot steaming along and those creative juices flowing, despite how painful the concoction may be.

Posted on: 30 June 2011

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