The Invite

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After a long day at Damelin College yesterday, I decided to head down to local Durban music venue “Home” for their weekly Open Mic Night hosted by Love Jones’s, Esjay Jones. The night went well as a friend and myself strummed away a few covers and originals. I happened to notice Farryl Purkiss sitting at the back of the venue. We had never officially been introduced but it was weird because I knew who he was, as I had attended quite a few of his shows and currently listen to his genius album ‘Chapter One’. So ja, I’m a fan. Plus he had already shared the stage with all my favourite bands & musicians such as Perez, Deluxe and Guy Buttery. Hell, he even had dinner with my teenage crush, Avril Lavigne. So when Farryl approached me after my humble little performance last night, I was shocked. I still am actually. Farryl has invited me to open for him at his upcoming show at Charlies in Umhlanga next Friday. I have been watching my favourite bands perform at Charlies since I was 16. Now, at 21 years old, I will play my first ever solo show there. I don’t care how cliche this sounds but I am truly honoured and will do everything in my power to give my performance justice next Friday.

UPDATE – After a bundle of nerves and a few tequilas later, the show went great and it seems I have made some lifelong friends in a single evening. I will never forget this evening and am eternally grateful to Farryl for inviting me to share the stage with him. Looking forward to more shows like this down the road.

Posted on: 14 November 2005

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